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Fluor employees make a difference volunteering in their communities.

Fluor Cares?, Fluor's formal employee volunteer program, is the heart of the company's community involvement efforts. Started in 1976 by J. Robert Fluor, the program engages and empowers employees to make a difference in their communities, magnifying and extending Fluor's philanthropic impact. Last year, employees volunteered more than 52,000 hours to help enrich the lives of those in their communities through Fluor's focus areas of education, social services, community and economic development and the environment.

Year after year, Fluor employees give their time, money, energy and support to enrich the lives of those in their community in need of a little extra help, support and encouragement. Global volunteer initiatives include:

Building Futures

Fluor and its employees are committed to assisting youth in acquiring the necessary resources to help achieve academic success. Nearly 600 volunteers from offices and project sites participated in Building Futures, donating more than $240,600 to provide school supplies and other necessities to more than 11,000 children. Over the past 17 years, the Building Futures program has helped more than 186,000 children around the globe, giving students the basic tools they need to help enrich their academic experience.

Engineers Week

For more than 50 years, Fluor and its employees have supported DiscoverE, one of the nation's largest professional outreach organizations. Last year, employee volunteers visited nearly 100 schools and charitable organizations, reaching approximately 12,000 students and providing more than 21,700 hours of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) training, enrichment and/or awareness.

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